Winter. That is what scares the most drivers in Canada and Quebec. Tough conditions that are feared every year. A fear that you can put aside with the new Q4 All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system offered by Alfa Romeo.

The Alfa Romeo All-Wheel Drive System

By nature,  Alfa Romeo Giulia or Alfa Romeo Stelvio function as propulsions. That means the power is delivered first to the rear wheels. However, the Q4 all-wheel drive allows torque to be distributed on the front wheels up to a maximum of 60%.

Thanks to this principle, Alfa Romeo benefits now from all-wheel drive to ensure maximum safety, even in difficult weather conditions.

When does it activate?

The all-wheel drive system activates when it feels a loss of grip on one of the wheels. The Q4 AWD will then find the best power distribution. All in a fraction of a second, guaranteeing you a permanent safety.

Adaptive depending on DNA mode selected

The Q4 all-wheel drive also adapts to the selected Alfa Romeo DNA mode:
  • Advanced Efficiency: the economic mode
  • Natural: focused on driving comfort
  • Dynamic: this mode allows for more sporty driving

Present in the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio, this selector makes it possible to adapt your car to the climatic conditions. The Q4 system will adjust its reactivity and efficiency according to the mode engaged.

Same system as Maserati

Alfa Romeo uses the same all-wheel drive system as Maserati. As part of the same Fiat automotive group, Alfa Romeo benefits from Maserati's know-how. Known for its AWD system and sharing values of luxury and performance, Alfa Romeo makes a perfect alliance with Maserati.

The Q4 system on ice

There is nothing better than a test to prove the quality of a product. Alfa Romeo has chosen to put the Giulia and Stelvio through the ice to test its Q4 all-wheel drive system. We let you admire the result. Spectacular!

Find more about Alfa Romeo Giulia and Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

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